The New Jersey Sled Dog Club (NJSDC) was formed in 1978 by approximately 30 state residents who raced dogs.  One of the purposes of the club was to conduct sled dog events in the local area and to educate the public about the sport.  In past years, the club would organize and run races at High Point State Park.  However, due to the unpredictability of adequate snow cover, it has become too difficult to do this.   Another important goal of the club is to assist new people, interested in sledding their dogs, to take part in the sport and to enable them to take advantage of the invaluable sledding experiences from local mushers.  More recently, another function is to offer educational programs informing the public about sled dogs, their history, function, breed types, equipment, famous races such as the Iditarod,  etc.

The NJSDC not only helps beginners and experienced drivers in sledding/racing, but also assists them in learning new and important procedures in regard to nutrition, health and training of sled dogs. Club members have a busy racing season which commences on the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and runs through the middle of March. In between races they can be seen on the trails training and conditioning their teams.

Hopefully this gives you a good overview of the club and its activities.  We have two general membership meetings a year and, if necessary, additional meetings are called.  Please feel free to view the links on the left to better understand the club and what it has to offer.  We do invite you to join us at one of our meetings/parties to learn more about sledding and the dogs.

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