Christopher Murarik (Kathy and Paul Murarik's son) running his team of sled dogs at one of the 2009 sled dog races....


December 22, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 5:12 PM.  Roll call was taken by Patty Bryce.  Those in attendance were:

Paul Murarik, Kathy Murarik, Ann Hardy, Skip Clark, Glenn Jensen and Patty Bryce.   Special guest was Julie, John and Cindy Geertsema

President's Message-report of activities in 2013

A thank you was given to Patty Bryce for hosting the meeting/Christmas party.

On January 25, 2014 Patty Bryce and Kathy Muraik will do the annual sledding program for the Girl Scouts in Kinnelon NJ at 9:30 AM.  Skip Clark and Ann Hardy were invited to participate.


On March 6, 2014 Patty Bryce and Kathy Murarik will do a sledding program at 7 PM in the library in Randolph, NJ.


The club renewed the insurance policy from Sportsman's Insurance Company. This is needed for our demonstrations/programs.

Gregory Schwartz sent an e-mail request to join the club.  e-mail address: Phone:  908-665-3865.  Kathy Murarik e-mailed and called but had no response.

We also had no response from Paul Messina,  Fishkill, NY.


Secretary's Report

no report

PattyBryce read the minutes.  Glenn Jensen made a motion to accepted them as read and Skip Clark seconded them.

Treasurer's Report

Opening Balance and disbursements-Paul Murarik

   Opening balance from the last meeting in August. 2013..$2,342.50

           Income from dues  

                                          12/12/12      Patty Bryce  $10.00

                                        Ann Hardy & Skip Clark     15.00

                                                      Glenn Jensen         10.00

                                        Kathy and Paul Murarik       15.00                   


                             Income                                           $50.00


Balance from August..................................                $2,342.50

Total ...........................................................            . $2,392.50

     Expenses...10/18/13  Insurance..(Sportsman's)         $625.00

Current Balance..................................................        $1,767.50

  Glenn Jensen  made a motion to accept the treasurer's report and Ann Hardy seconded it.                                            

Committee Reports

Patty has reported that she continues to update the web page.  Please check back for new information.  There have been over 15,000 hits to the web page.  The message board is still active as sledders continue to list items for sale.

Newsletter...Send any information to Patty ( so she can continue to publish a newsletter regarding club members' activities.  Patty distributed a copy of the first newsletter detailing club members' activities and accomplishments.

Old Business

Nothing to report

New Business

There was a discussion about the Winter Carnival at Station Park in Sparta, NJ.  NJSD club members have agreed to participate along with the NJSH club.  Ann Hardy and Patty Bryce will bring some Alaskan Malamutes along with Glenn Jensen and Kathy Murarik's Siberian Huskies.



Summer meeting/picnic  2014 will be held at Patty Bryce's home, Newton, nJ  The date will be announced later.

The meeting adjourned at 5:45 PM.  Glenn Jensen made the motion to adjourn and Paul Murarik seconded it.



From club member Kathy Murarik

Kathy came in 2nd in the Sportsman's class at the Jersey Sands Sleddog Racing Association's annual race at Mt. Misery in the Pine Barrens on Nov. 30, 2013.  This was the premier race for Stormy, her 13 month old puppy.

Kathy Murarik also has a wonderful article in the Milford Journal December 2013-January 2014 issue entitled Dog Power. In this article she outlines how she got started in the sport of sled dog racing in the late 1970's.  She also explains the dogs' positions in the team and how exciting it is to run the dogs...doing what they were bred to do..and having a great connection between them and nature.  There are great photos too of Kathy and her dog team. 

Mention is also made in this article about our club, NJSD and how we focus on offering educational programs regarding dog sledding, the iditarod, etc. 

.From club member Patty Bryce

On October 10, 2013, Rori whelped 9 puppies out of frozen semen strored 28 years ago from Ch. Silverhawk Yukon of Lakopac.  She has kept two pups out of this litter Koda and Shiloh and will be enrolling them in Puppy Kindergarten in 2014.

From club members Ann Hardy and Skip Clark

They have a new addition also from Patty Bryce's litter out of Rori and Paca whelped 10/10/13.  Her name is Shayla and she also will be starting Puppy Kindergarten in 2014.